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What Exercises Burn Belly Fat-Best Exercise For Most Profitable Result

Prominent amongst reasons why people gain belly fat are poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress.

It is common to see an increase of belly fat settle along the waistline as people get older. Usually, muscle mass decreases with age as fat increases. In addition to the difficulty for you to fit into your favorite apparels, you may also become conscious of your, now, bad structure which has become or is fast becoming unattractive.

Also, some health risks associated with excess belly fat, include:
⦁      High blood pressure
⦁      High cholesterol
⦁      Type 2 diabetes
⦁      Breathing problems
⦁      Heart disease

Because of the above listed risks, it is advisable for you to control your belly fat.

There are three types of belly fat:
Intramuscular fat: This is fat within the abdominal muscle. Excess of this type of fat is linked with a higher risk of diabetes.
Subcutaneous fat is the jiggly fat visible just under the skin. It66666 is normally harmless and may even protect against some diseases although, its higher proportions can make it the second most dangerous.
Visceral fat is fat that surrounds the organs. Though it is not visible from the outside, it is associated with numerous diseases

Having a normal weight and body mass index (BMI) notwithstanding, too much visceral belly fat can still lead to a variety of health problems.

Exercises to Help Belly Fat
Multifarious exercises abounds for belly fat and weight control, although, not all of them have equivalent intensity at burning belly fat. Both scientists and doctors in health and fitness alike agree that inclusion of cardio into daily routine is a strategically important way to burn off unwanted belly fat, and cannot be over emphasized.

Aerobic or Cardio Exercise

Aerobic exercise refers to the type of repetitive, structured physical activity that requires the body’s metabolic system to use oxygen to produce energy. Aerobic exercise: Improves the capacity of the cardiovascular system to uptake and transport oxygen.

Your first step in burning off visceral fat is including,.at least, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise or cardio into your daily routine. Studies show that aerobic exercises for belly fat help to reduce belly fat and liver fat.

Planning Your Workout Program

If you are dead serious about working out your fastest route to burn belly fat, having a good workout program planned out for a months at a time, with goals properly penned out to achieve along the way, will help you to stick with it.

You need to have an idea of the particular exercises you need to do in your program for fast results and in record time.

A search conducted on best exercises that will provide the fastest result in visceral and subcutaneous fat meltdown revealed the followings:-


Cardio is defined as any type of exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it so for a prolonged period of time. Your respiratory system will start working harder as you begin to breathe faster and more deeply. The physical and mental benefits of this type of exercise are seemingly endless.

Some great cardio of aerobic exercises for belly fat include:
⦁ Walking, especially at a quick pace.
⦁ Running.
⦁ Biking.
⦁ Rowing.
⦁ Swimming.
⦁ Cycling.
⦁ Group fitness classes.

Other Flat Stomach Workouts You Can Do at Home
⦁ Toe reaches.
⦁ Side planks.
⦁ Bicycle crunches.
⦁ Boat pose.
⦁ Oblique crunches.
⦁ Burpees.
⦁ Other tips.
⦁ Results timeline.

15 Most Effective Exercises That Burns Fat Belly Fast


The most effective exercise to burn stomach fat is said to be crunches. Crunches rank top in fat-burning exercises. You can do it by lying down flat with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Lift your hands and then place them behind the head.

2. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great way for people of any age to ramp up a workout and burn calories—it also improves cardiovascular health
The benefits of jumping rope include burning calories-body fat reduction, better coordination, stronger bones, a lower injury risk, and improved heart health. It will help you squeeze in your 150 minutes of exercise per week whenever you have some spare time.

3. Dancing

Whether or not you think you have two left feet, dancing is a great way to blow off some steam while also getting your cardio in. Vigorous shaking of the belly reduces fat in abdominal region and thighs and shapes up the buttocks. Belly dancing is a highly recommended exercise less stressful on the bones and a great workout regimen as it burns around 300 calories in an hour.

4. Organized Sports

Your first step in burning off visceral fat is including at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise or cardio into your daily routine. Studies show that aerobic exercises for belly fat help to reduce belly fat and liver fat.

        Which sport is best for reducing belly fat?

        Top 10 Sports to Lose Belly Fat

⦁        Running Races. Whether you’re training for a race or competing in a race, you’ll burn a lot of                    calories running.
⦁        Boxing and Kickboxing.
⦁        Road Cycling and Mountain Biking.
⦁        Swimming Strokes.
⦁        Rock Climbing.
⦁        Olympic Weightlifting.
⦁        Rowing and Crew.
⦁        Basketball Matches.
⦁        Football Games
⦁        Volleyball Games.

5. Power Walking

You don’t have to look like a specialist power walker to reap power walking benefits as a type of cardio. Power walking is hugely effective for weight loss. A research work has found that women who do three short (about 30-minute) high-intensity walks plus two moderately paced recovery walks a week lose up to six times more abdominal fat than participants who simply stroll five days a week.
You’re torching off approximately 564 calories an hour (at a 4 to 5 mph pace). Moving at this clip, using your arms to help propel you forward and taking longer strides, your effort should be a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10.

6. Swimming

This low-impact form of cardio is a great way to get your heart rate up while protecting your joints. Swimming is an efficient way to burn calories. A 160-pound person burns approximately 423 calories an hour while swimming laps at a low or moderate pace. That same person may burn up to 715 calories an hour swimming at a more vigorous pace.

7. Boxing

Boxing is a high impact cardio workout that offers a significant calorie burn. Cardio boxing workouts burn more calories than other types of cardiovascular exercise. A typical boxing session can burn up to 1000 calories.

8. Trampoline-ing

It may be fun, but this workout can burn a serious amount of calories. Due to its low impact nature, a 10 minute trampoline session can burn the same amount of fat as a 30 minute run. That’s up to 1,000 calories an hour.

9. Cycling

To reduce overall belly girth, moderate-intensity aerobic exercises, such as cycling (either indoor or outdoor), are effective to lower belly fat.

Full length of man working out on exercise bike at home

10. Hiking

Since hiking is a form of cardio, it does indeed burn belly fat. Moreover, it even builds muscle. Hiking is not only an effective way to burn calories and shed excess weight, but could also strengthen your body. … New hikers will burn more calories hiking than a more experienced hiker.

11. Rowing

Rowing machine is not just for those who want bulging biceps Squeezing rowing into your gym routine can give you an extra cardio boost, as well as strengthen your abs and back muscles. A High-intensity interval training, it is particularly effective for burning fat, and you can do intervals on the rowing machine, too, simply alternate short periods of very high-intensity exercise (up to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate) with more moderate periods of rowing.

12. Hula-Hooping

Including hula hooping in your daily routine may help you burn calories, shed fat, and tone your muscles for a slim waist. In addition to the overall weight loss, it also tones and trains the muscles in the belly area. Tightening the muscles in this area can sculpt the overall shape of your waist.

Young woman hula hooping outdoors

13. Walking

One of the most effective ways to reduce belly fat is to regularly take part in aerobic exercise, such as walking ( 19 , 20 ). In one small study, women with obesity who walked for 50–70 minutes three times per week for 12 weeks, on average, reduced their waist circumference and their body fat.

14. Jumping Jacks

Vigorous types of cardio exercise, including jumping jacks, can help you burn fat all over your body, including your belly, faster mainly due to their high intensity and the large number of calories burned. This exercise also boosts the body’s metabolic rate, improves muscle endurance, which promotes weight loss.

15. Stairs

Climbing stairs is one of the best exercises when it comes to pure FAT BURN, strengthening the lower body, toning the butt, thighs, calves, losing inches from those love handles and belly and building great abs. Along with these benefits is the immense good it does for your lungs and cardio vascular system.

    High Intensity Interval Training [HIIT]

COLUMNS:-       A                                                       B

S/NO              Exercises                                                        Intervals
01                  High Knees Beginner                                      30 seconds work/60 seconds rest
02                   Jumping Jacks                                                30 seconds work/30 seconds rest
03                   Burpees                                                          45 seconds work/20 seconds rest

04                   Mountain Climbers
05                  Jump Squats
06                  Skater Hops
07                  Kettle Bell Swings
08                  Jump Lunges
09                  Up-Down Planks
10                  Plank Jacks

How To Create Your Own HIIT Workout

Creating your own HIIT workout is super simple.

1. Pick 01-10 exercises from column A.
2. Pick the suggested interval ratio for your fitness level from column B.
3. Set your exercise time span timer for 15-20 minutes.
4. Enjoy yourself, have fun.

Abdominal Exercises

Belly fat is in the waistline and stomach region, doing some abdominal exercises can help to stem it by toning and flattening the stomach and also provide a good source of exercise.
Some abdominal exercises, which are good for men and women of any age, for belly fat that you can try at home includes:-

⦁ 60-second side planks
⦁ Bicycle crunches
⦁ Abdominal crunches
⦁ Leg lifts

The most effective core exercises are dead bug, side plank, front plank, vertical leg crunches, flutter kicks, Russian twists and the hollow body hold and hang.

Weight and Resistance Training

Weight training Muscles are said to burn off more calories than fat when the body is at rest, having more muscle tone can help to burn off more fat. Researches concluded that resistance training, which includes weight training, can increase lean weight while decreasing fat, it can also boost metabolism simultaneously.

Good weight training exercises for belly fat which can be included in daily routines are:

i. Squats. The squat is one of the most recommended strength-training exercises for weight loss. …
ii. Deadlifts. …
iii. Lunges. …
iv. Split Squats. .
v. Bicep curls
vi. Kettlebell Swings. …
vii. Triceps Push-Ups. …
viii. Pull-Ups. …
ix. Bench Presses.

In these exercises, you can do 12 repetitions with lighter weights, between five and eight pounds. You could also use heavier weights with fewer repetitions and rest time between sets.

Safety Considerations

Do not over-train because when you do, your body can produce too much cortisol which is a belly fat associated stress hormone. Overtraining may make it difficult to burn off belly fat, just keep in mind the recommendations for moderate regular exercise, you may also consult your doctor for more enquiries about how else your exercise routine can effectively benefit your belly fat reduction desire.

There is no debate, scientific or otherwise, that authorizes cardiovascular exercise as a key part of a long and healthy life. That does not also mean it’s easy or interesting enough to attract people to embark on it as a regular routine. Just remember that you do it for its health benefits and that if you keep an open mind and get creative, there are plenty of ways to get your heart rate and waist line toned up. You shouldn’t feel confined to the treadmill.
The most important part of any fitness routine is finding what you enjoy. You’re much more likely to stick with a routine if it’s something you actually like and enjoy. So experiment, try new things, and figure out how to relish breaking a sweat, that is the way you can stay motivated and look forward to your exercise routine.


To receive maximum benefit of the exercises above as part of a complete weight loss management activities. you needed to watch your sugar level and hence avoid foods that are referred to as empty calories example of which is “sugar added foods”.

Click here to learn more on hazards of sugar and invariably “empty calories foods”.

Conclusion And Recommendation.

My recommendation, however, is that you should Create your own HIIT workout as recommended in the section subtitled “How To Create Your Own HIIT Workout” above then complement it with a drink that is almost a self consistent fat burner in itself, “Okinawa Fat Belly Tonic“.

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