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How and where to load images unto your websites

A member of wealthyaffiliate asked the following question:-

“Can anyone tell me how and where to load images please? Thank you”

My search for answer to the question necessitated the writeup below:-

You may load images in so many ways but the ones I have done and which is working for me are:-

1. Wealthyaffiliate where you can search and chose any of 1,000,000 images.

As you click on the image icon (hand drawn arrow with 3 above, you will see another page pop up as below:-

You can search and select any of the over 1,000,000 images when you click the bar with hand drawn arrow 4 above.

You can drag and drop any image (you have downloaded before either form wealthyaffiliate, google images or self-made by you) that is resident in your computer folder unto the drag and drop bar as indicated above with hand drawn arrow 5.

You can click manual upload bar (indicated by hand drawn arrow 6) to upload images you stored earlier manually from your computer.

2. You can get images from other websites “FREE OF CHARGE”, click the image below for a wonderful expositions:-

3. Google images.

Go to google search, type in your topic of choice but select images, click on TOOLS, click usage right, select commercial and other licenses. This is to ensure you do not infringe on or breach any copyright law.

3. Self-made images

Self make images using high resolution camera or you set camera. Safe unto your computer then load unto your website as explained above.

If this message is not clear to you ask for further help from the community or send your request back to me.

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