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About Olukayode

Being fairly advanced in age now, sixty years plus and after retirement from a career I hated so much that I gave it up altogether. It is time for me to do what am passionate about, and also at my age any reasonable person would want to pay much attention to personal health, and for me, by extension, other peoples health as a service to humanity.

I craved so much in my working years to research and write on health related issues especially after my early years work experience in a health care field in one of the third world countries where I discovered how lots of people suffer from ailments that are related to obesity. For medical practice, many of them are only manageable, there cannot be total relief.

In her late forties, my wife also had health issues around overweight, so I have hands on experience in obese related issues that prompted me to look beyond the solution available in medicine.

In my search, we discovered that most solutions are over hyped. Use of diet and exercise are time-consuming with a lot of stress and most importantly, achievements made from these weight control methods may reverse if they are discontinued for any reason with later weight increase being worse than the former.


At Weight Loss Belly Fat Tips we bring to you the invaluable advice on the best step to take to fulfill your weight loss purpose in the shortest possible time using the healthiest easiest and most economical method that will help target the root cause of obesity and bring about a rapid healthy meltdown that will bring back to you your desired lost youthful vigor and self-confidence


Is to sensitize people about the focus of the world on issues around obesity and to allay fears by bringing useful tips on how to resolve surrounding fears,

Why All These World Attention And Why Should People Be So Worried About Obesity?
There are many health problems linked to obesity, which can be life-changing and life-threatening, making obesity an urgent medical crisis the world over. It is linked to many serious illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, some cancers such as breast cancer and bowel cancer and stroke. The problem of obesity is becoming a major health crisis around the world with at least 2.8 million dying as a result of obesity (WHO).

Our objective at Weight Loss Belly Fat Tips is to give you highly effective tips and tested and trusted recommendations that you can trust.

All the best,


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